Airfree Technologies Limited is dedicated to providing fast, reliable, and secure internet to our customers. We pride ourselves on being accessible to our customers and providing innovative solutions to meet their needs. Our affordable prices and customer-focused approach make us a trustworthy choice for all of your internet needs. With years of experience in the industry, our knowledgeable team is here to provide you with the best service possible.


At Airfree Technologies Limited, Our vision is to be #1 leading broadband internet & service provider company in Nigeria.


Our mission is to be Nigerian's 1st choice internet provider, most accepted for its roburst, exceptional customer service & customer experience, professionalism, uninterrupted service provider with unforgettable corporate citizenship.


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Frequently Asked

• Set data limit on your device.
• Deactivate all cloud storage except when and where it's necessary.
• Ensure that all background applications on your device does not run on data.

Make sure you are not connected to any other network that is not Airfree, either through data connection, WiFi card or LAN.

• Go to our sign-up page or log in portal using your email address and password.
• Select internet connection from the list of service provided.
• Select Airfree data plans.
• Insert your customer ID
• If you wish to renew your existing plan, simply click on "Renew Account"

This should be based on the data plan purchased by you.

• Visit to official company's site
• Check our customer care menu, click to continue
• You will be taking to the next page
• Log into your account • Immediately, you will see your personal dashboard.

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